How Far By Plane to Spain

I built this to help with finding rhyming names.
could find other names for transportation in other languages that rhyme with places. Could create an Alexa app that would give how far and how long it would take to reach a location
How far to walk
How far by plane to Spain
Can you paddle a canoe to timbuktu?
Boat  – Westcote (Britain)
Car – dakar, kandahar
Horse – Morse, Argentina; Orce, Spain; Borce, France; Lag
Walk – bangkok, Thailand, Sardhok, Pakistan; Panthachok, India; Nicalocok, Mexico
Run – Ullun, Argentina; Thun, Switzerland
Swim – Kaldirim, Turkey, Pobedim, Slovakia; Mae Rim, Thailand
Bike – Ghunike, Pakistan
Row – glasgow, scotland; parow, south africa
Ship – birdlip, UK; sumisip, Philippines
Fly – Lapalie, Finland; Skelmorlie, UK
Donkey – Attersee, Austria; Tahlee, Australia; Tapitallee, Australia; Napanee, Canada
Sprint – Flint, Michigan (also in Texas, Wales, Australia)
Bus – Damascus, Syria; Bir Atrous, Algeria; Anfous, Algeria,  Ait Ouandelous, Algeria, Vilnius, Lithuania;
Train –  Chawani Sulehrain, Pakistan; Arain, Pakistan; Catbrain, England; Culdrain, Scotland, UK
Glider – Bider, Algeria; Schneider, IN
Submarine – Tigrine, Algeria, Tangerine, Florida; Vedrine, Croatia
jet pack – Happy Jack, AZ; Wack Wack, Philippines
Ski – Dumkee, Bangladesh; Nudkhurkee, India;  Penokee, KS; Wakeeney, KS; Milwaukee, WI; Kitsee, Austria; tonganoxie, kansaspkansasp
Rocket – cheraket, Algeria; Kouaket, Algeria;
Tractor – Zator, Poland; Somotor, Slovakia;

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