I find myself unsettled by this image. It’s chaotic. It’s tumbled. The light is everywhere. My eye is drawn to a million little swirls. It’s in motion; even as a photo. It’s not peaceful but I find it comfortable. It’s life right now. 

I like this comparison. Things are on edge. And it reminds me that the world is everchanging. We would like so much to just relax and be at peace. I find myself longing for such things while at the same time realizing that it will never come. So should I live in a perpetual state of waiting for a future that will never occur? I’ve thought about this often. I think about how life moves so quick when I’m anticipating tomorrow. Time moves much too fast in the future. I’ll do this when that happens. I’ll travel when I have more money. I’ll take a vacation when all my work is caught up. I’ll write after I finish this. I’m tired, I’ll take photos when the weather is clear.

Last night I thought the weather would clear for some comet and moon hunting. The Moon was a beautiful crescent with amazing earthglow. This was while I was driving but by the time I got to my shooting destination, the clouds had crowded in. It never got any better. And I found myself OK with that situation. I tried. I got out there to do a thing.

Life is in motion. I realize that. I acknowledge that. I sit and enjoy all the little swirls; the tiny details. And I relish in that attention to detail. The world seems to be on fire right now and in the middle of all of that…in the little moments…there is incredible beauty. There is an order to things. In all the worldly disorder, I find that in my day to day things are just fine.

I stay on the path. I fight the good fight. I am at peace. I see waves crashing; hair on fire. I see a surface in agitation with wind patterns showing this and that. And me, just below the surface, I’m in flow. It’s the only place I can be.