How Far By Plane to Spain

I built this to help with finding rhyming names.
could find other names for transportation in other languages that rhyme with places. Could create an Alexa app that would give how far and how long it would take to reach a location
How far to walk
How far by plane to Spain
Can you paddle a canoe to timbuktu?
Boat  – Westcote (Britain)
Car – dakar, kandahar
Horse – Morse, Argentina; Orce, Spain; Borce, France; Lag
Walk – bangkok, Thailand, Sardhok, Pakistan; Panthachok, India; Nicalocok, Mexico
Run – Ullun, Argentina; Thun, Switzerland
Swim – Kaldirim, Turkey, Pobedim, Slovakia; Mae Rim, Thailand
Bike – Ghunike, Pakistan
Row – glasgow, scotland; parow, south africa
Ship – birdlip, UK; sumisip, Philippines
Fly – Lapalie, Finland; Skelmorlie, UK
Donkey – Attersee, Austria; Tahlee, Australia; Tapitallee, Australia; Napanee, Canada
Sprint – Flint, Michigan (also in Texas, Wales, Australia)
Bus – Damascus, Syria; Bir Atrous, Algeria; Anfous, Algeria,  Ait Ouandelous, Algeria, Vilnius, Lithuania;
Train –  Chawani Sulehrain, Pakistan; Arain, Pakistan; Catbrain, England; Culdrain, Scotland, UK
Glider – Bider, Algeria; Schneider, IN
Submarine – Tigrine, Algeria, Tangerine, Florida; Vedrine, Croatia
jet pack – Happy Jack, AZ; Wack Wack, Philippines
Ski – Dumkee, Bangladesh; Nudkhurkee, India;  Penokee, KS; Wakeeney, KS; Milwaukee, WI; Kitsee, Austria; tonganoxie, kansaspkansasp
Rocket – cheraket, Algeria; Kouaket, Algeria;
Tractor – Zator, Poland; Somotor, Slovakia;

True Seer

Tree seer. Do ancient trees see the true nature of the stars sitting in quiet wonder night after night, slowly reaching toward them. It was just humbling sitting with them in the Mt. Goliath Natural Area in Colorado. Spending more time there next summer. Me, the trees, and the stars.


Curves describe everything.
The bend of the Earth,
the moving angle of attack
as an ocean wave washes ashore.
the sketch of foam left behind
The sigh of love.
A trail of clothes.
The reach of trees into the sky,
or the trail below keeping elevation
The movement of the wind,
its description on canvas.
I can bind the pinpricks in night’s firmament with a straight line
and yet over time, the stars break my bounds
Even light bends to gravity’s will
encircling mass with a peek arounds
It’s the way in nature

Prayer June 10, 2018

Gracious, Eternal God,
On good days and bad, You walk with me.
On good days and bad, I strive to match Your stride.
And to my relief, I feel Your boundless love and patience as I struggle.
Each day, I know You
In the sunrise and soft twinkling of the night
When I am still or frazzled.
In the wind and warm sunshine,
In your Word.
And it is good.
Help us walk our life path with the assurance
of your goodness, kindness and grace
Use us to overflow Your love into the world
and bless all of our offerings
so that Your glory is seen, felt and magnified.

Mother’s Prayer

Heavenly Father,
Long before sunrise this morning, I stepped outside
And you were there.
Wrapped in beauty,
I was transfixed.
I couldn’t imagine anything more perfect than your love.
Except for one thing.
You imagined something glorious when You created mothers,
Moms are among your most beautiful wonders.
I remember running home to warm smiles and tight hugs.
And can’t wait to have that again.
Only your love surpasses and I know you shined out of the hearts of our mothers magnifying it
We pray for health to those around us who are hurting; for Gary Castle, for Karin and Lori Miller.
Lift them up, stir in their lives.
I pray we remember to love you and give always with all of our hearts, minds and souls this week.
Bless all of our offerings to your glory
We pray this in your name,