True Seer

Tree seer. Do ancient trees see the true nature of the stars sitting in quiet wonder night after night, slowly reaching toward them. It was just humbling sitting with them in the Mt. Goliath Natural Area in Colorado. Spending more time there next summer. Me, the trees, and the stars.


Curves describe everything.
The bend of the Earth,
the moving angle of attack
as an ocean wave washes ashore.
the sketch of foam left behind
The sigh of love.
A trail of clothes.
The reach of trees into the sky,
or the trail below keeping elevation
The movement of the wind,
its description on canvas.
I can bind the pinpricks in night’s firmament with a straight line
and yet over time, the stars break my bounds
Even light bends to gravity’s will
encircling mass with a peek arounds
It’s the way in nature

A great mystery

Why do you call to me
With a scent of honeysuckle
And warm willow
I felt you long nights ago
Watching the stars wheel
You crouched beside me
While deer filed past
Warmed me in the deep grass
Following me into ancient woods
All so you could sing to me in the sigh of trees
revel in my joy of warm rocks after a cool swim
I was young, barely noticeable
And still you spoke of a bond
Of mother, father
Beyond family
You revealed a great mystery
Of a place set aside and special
Timeless, eternal stories
Set in the stones, twigs and grasses
Under storms, sunshine and starlight


from a distance
all stars look the same
dots of light
hues of red, blue, yellow and white
some bright, many just a flicker,
Flames in the night
all pinpricks in the deep dark

but up close
their stories unravel
a few huge, bright
others small and light
embers just beginning
ash long dead


There are moments
You know them
Where time splits
What if moments
Between this and that
Unexpected encounters
Where choices hang
Branches of fate
Where we are and never were
Seconds where a thing is created
More than memory
experience gained
Paradise lost
Eternal heard
Shifts so profound that we linger
Later on their implications
From their base all our futures imagined


stars in the sky
Just hopeful pinpricks of faraway light
Beckoning onward
Signs in the night
Guiding the lost
Pointing back home
in an ocean of life

I imagine their light
Shimmering on the waves
As ancient mariners
Laid course by their certain rising
Discovering clouds of stars
Creating a stellar mythology
From strange celestial groupings
Noting the setting of the constant circumpolars
As new heavens opened in the south
Above the white beaches of faraway

Looking to science’s asterisms
To lead to calm local harbors