Book of Stars

Stories untold fill the book of starsEach group a player in night’s cinemaI wonder this while dreaming in an open meadowWaiting for Pleiades risewatching the dipper’s sink to the northOrion’s huntCoyote’s trickIf I could see just over the edge

The Leap

I didn’t plan to make the leapTime came together to make it happenPropelled by a lookA perfect storm baitingLeading, pushing, pleadingToward the unexpectedThe inevitablewith you


stars in the skyJust hopeful pinpricks of faraway lightBeckoning onwardSigns in the nightGuiding the lostPointing back homein an ocean of lifeI imagine their lightShimmering on the wavesAs ancient marinersLaid course by their certain risingDiscovering clouds of...


There are momentsYou know themWhere time splitsWhat if momentsBetween this and thatUnexpected encountersWhere choices hangBranches of fateWhere we are and never wereSeconds where a thing is createdMore than memoryexperience gainedParadise lostEternal heardShifts so...


From a distanceall stars look the samedots of lighthues of red, blue, yellow and whitesome bright, many just a flicker,Flames in the nightall pinpricks in the deep darkbut up closetheir stories unravela few huge, brightothers small and lightembers just beginningash...