Not listening

Apparently I’m not listening. To something or someone. The dreams are jumbled but it seems clear my subconscious is trying to relay this message to me. The other night, it seems as if I was trying to meet up with my wife but she was leaving notes for me and was one...

Drafty Maneuvers

Wind is high todayBlack birds in flightAnd grass tousledBy shifting concernsOh to slip through the breezeSlicing upwind and acrossEffortless in drafty maneuversOne with all currents around me

Bending Geometries

Like a rock in calm waterLong ago a ripple started off across the cosmosBorn of colossal forcesUnimaginable powerA giant vibrationNearer the beginningBouncing spacetimeBending geometriesIs gravity’s sea so sereneThat eons laterAn ear hears just barelyA slight...


We’ve unleashedthe fury of an atombut still…stillthe Universe holdsuntold wonder and infinite questions.