Smooth Stones

The water loved the stoneSmooth and polishedCaressed by timeNever withoutAlways embracedA constantLeading to blissful nothingness

The haystack

I fall back into the haystackGazing into the nightThe dark firmamentSoaking in silenceNestled in the day’s last heatThe arc showing summer’s full swingAntares redVega whiteStars strewn as if all the cottonwoodsUnleashed their fluffEvery pinprick a future hintPointing...

Painting the Sky

The sky a canvasa palette of morningHow the maestro sets the brushA blur of motionEach stroke a momentPatientSculpting the cloudsMixing a background of bluesconstant unfolding(always)CreatingInspiringMarvellingShowing the way

If I could reach the stars

if only i could reach the starsStanding on the shoulder of a giantStraining at the edge of an earthly ladderWaiting to break free of gravity’s bindSailing the blue arc of earth’s thin horizonThe sun a diamond on that bandSkimming the moonlit oceanOr swimming in an...


Each thought,ActionObservationBecomes a journey of wordsSometimes maplessCertainly pathlessForging across new landsA wild herd of phrasesAnd a twisted forest of lettersDestined to legend