Each thought,
Becomes a journey of words
Sometimes mapless
Certainly pathless
Forging across new lands
A wild herd of phrases
And a twisted forest of letters
Destined to legend

If I could reach the stars

if only i could reach the stars
Standing on the shoulder of a giant
Straining at the edge of an earthly ladder
Waiting to break free of gravity’s bind

Sailing the blue arc of earth’s thin horizon
The sun a diamond on that band
Skimming the moonlit ocean
Or swimming in an auroral green

Twinkling above and below
A night with ten thousand eyes
How tiny each precious gem,
beloved each miniscule ember

A small being against an immensity
Knowing but few answers
Pondering unknown questions
Ready, thrilled, and frightful

The haystack

I fall back into the haystack
Gazing into the night
The dark firmament
Soaking in silence
Nestled in the day’s last heat
The arc showing summer’s full swing
Antares red
Vega white
Stars strewn as if all the cottonwoods
Unleashed their fluff
Every pinprick a future hint
Pointing at possibilities
Too many to count
So much to chase

Above the storm

Here on the ground
the wind rises to a storm
pushed about, buffeted
an autumn leaf on currents
But higher
above the storm
in the clear air
the world is calm
We choose to rest
with angels above events
waiting for the tao to unfold
or we fight everyday
forced and forcing
in an opaque whirlwind
under, amid and behind

the deer

The deer emerged
one with its surroundings
moving quietly, slowly, deliberately
responsive, alert
It just was
It blended in to become one with the forest
a piece of the world, part of the whole
Always in touch,
not intruding, not dominate
binding and complete