Prayer – June 9, 2019

Awesome God,
The other night, I was standing under your canopy of stars marveling at all of creation. Stretching my imagination back to the very beginning. All I see is your hand. I felt all your love and grace in that moment. And I wondered why with all the love poured out around us by your hand, why there seems to be such a lack of it in the world. Thank you for all the your grace and shepherding. We are here today for you to align our minds, hearts and souls to receive that love fully, learn and share it with the world.

Closing Prayer
Thank you Eric and worship team. Through you, God has given us exactly what we needed to hear.

Can you imagine that at the end of your days and you read your book of life that God has written for you and in every little thing, in every great thing, God notes, I am with you. 
How amazing!

Precious God,
There is a lot of heartache this week, walk with us, carry us. We lean on you in all of our trials. illuminate our hearts and show us the path we are meant for. You are our refuge.  You take care of your followers, chasing us relentlessly. Be still and know God. We are loved. Fill us up with that joy of certainty. All to your glory.

Prayer – March 17, 2019

Creator God,
It’s been another tough week. The news makes my heart sink. Forgive us our trespasses. It’s these times when the certainty of Your love and Grace really pull me through. Thank you for this beautiful place; a sanctuary amidst the uncertain world. For now help us transcend the chains of this world in favor of a new earth. Center our minds and spirit to your word and bless the worship team and Kris as we glorify your name.
The bell choir concert last night. I’m slacking.
We stand here all equal before you, Lord. I pray we take You into the world within our hearts, within our minds and within our hands so we may offer You all the glory in everything we do.

Prayer – May 19, 2019

Almighty God,
All week, you met me in the little spaces; while watching the Moon dance with the clouds, a sunrise, in the wind of the night, and the chatter of the birds. You speak softly but meaning roars. Let us take a moment so we can put our heart and minds in alignment to receive you. ………You are here; with us, among us.

Thank you for providing a safe place to worship and glorify You. I pray you extend that grace to all who seek it.Amen

Ending Prayer
Over the past few weeks, I have been thinking about the origin of my church ideas, particularly grace. It has come up numerous times in my reading. Do you think He’s telling me something? I’m nothing without God’s grace and the path Jesus blazed. And in this weekend of forward thinking with our graduates and the church visioning survey, I want to leave you with these words from Jeremiah.

For I know the plans I have for you; plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

God is great.

Loving God,Thank you for providing your strength, grace and certainty over this uncertain world, preparing us for who knows what. You are my source. That is enough. May we go out today resting in your love and overflowing in the world. All to your glory,

Have a great week!

Prayer – May 30, 2019

God is here. He is with us. Now. Here.
Please pray with me.

Almighty God, You bless us so. You provide a safe place to worship, offer us unconditional love, you sent your son to guarantee freedom from sin and life everlasting. You walk with us, feed us and take our hands in the middle of a trying life. I am glad to call you father. Bless the worship team and Pastor Eric as they lead us in worship today. All to your glory forever. Amen

Before we give thanks for this offering, take a moment, quiet your mind, take rest and bring God even deeper into your heart. Feel Him there.

Loving God,Throughout the week, I’m often reminded of all the ways you give to us. I pray for relief of violence for families, all the travelers, who set out not for just a better life but for life itself. Bless them with a place to call home. For those who ache, give healing. For those who wish violence show peace, and for those who love offer grace. 

Pray for continued healing of Jerry and Barb. Perk up For us grandkids and give grandparents strength to care for the little ones

I pray our offering today is just the edge of the cheerful giving we offer throughout the week. May your love spill over into everything we do. Amen

I had a dream earlier this week, a reprise of a dream I had a few years ago where I was floating in a rain swollen river. I could hardly see the banks . It was like floating in the Mississippi surrounded by dark, quiet water. It was night, dark except for an incredible sky. I could feel the strong current and no matter how I swam it seemed the bank was far away. I could move a little but the current had me. So I stopped and just enjoyed the stars as I was carried along.

Dear God, carry me along. Arm us with your love and teaching so we can forget whats behind and strain ahead to win the prize in Jesus Christ. All for your glory. Amen

Closing Prayer – July 7, 2019

Awesome and living God,
You have inspired the minds that created this nation with wisdom that has held through time. Giving us the Right to be ourselves under Your love and Grace. You meet me in times of peace and turmoil and Your Word always keeps me steady. Remind me this week that I might falter from your path for me you walk with me. You are merciful and ever present. With your sacrifice, I cannot lose. You will continue with the home runs and touchdowns in my life. I know this. You are my light. You are my rest. As the Psalm reminds us, Come let us sing for joy to the Lord and let us shine into the world as you created us,Amen.

Prayer July 21, 2019

Awesome God,
You’ve shown me a myriad of small miracles this week. Of your Grace and goodness working in the are good. I’m glad to be called one of yours. Thank you for this beautiful place. For the blooming flowers and abundant rain. Thank you for a place of protection where we can worship in peace. Help us prepare our hearts and minds today for your message through story and song.

Closing Prayer
I count myself blessed to be yours. Blessed to be a part of this loving family. You are my light and my food. You’ve cleared the way. You keep me from slipping. Its my privilege to walk with you. I think about the awesome feats that we celebrate this week. 50 years ago we stepped onto another world. We built a technological wonder and went to the Moon for all mankind. We joined together. Fear did not hold us back. And we described what we saw in terms of magnificent, glorious, wondrous. But the glory is yours because you created all of this and you gave us a glimpse of wonder. I have you in my heart and you hear my prayer. Let us walk into the world with faith without fear, bold, willing to fail, committed and keeping you in sight.

Have a blessed week.

Opening Prayer – December 2, 2018

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for all your beauty. It really shines this time of year. Thank you for providing a free place to worship without fear. Thank you for an abundance that comes from your overflowing love.

There was a time when I relished the buildup toward Christmas. With all the holiday lights, Christmas songs. snowflakes. I looked forward to time with family. I still look forward to these things but it seems to come all in a rush. I have to shoehorn time with you. You are the greatest gift to us. A sign of great love. Help prepare our hearts for Christmas this season with your holy spirit. Let it wrap us like a blanket. Bring us closer together and more importantly bring us closer to your son. You are the grace and strength; the food that fuels our day. Lead all people together this season. As you taught, help us welcome the foreigners among us. You are the light of the world and can dispel all darkness. I ask us to take a moment now to center our hearts and minds on You, on your good news and on the teaching today.