Being able to do whatever, no limitations.

This morning listening to you and Shadow breathing, I thought of “the space between breaths.” Everything and nothing happens in that time. In my half wakeness, I saw the babies born, hummingbirds flicking by, the winter pass, stars dying…and I was still right there.  My hand moves through a myriad of worlds (universes) to rest on yours. I like holding your hand, touching your face, rubbing your body. All in the space between breaths.

— there is a poem here May 2009


While walking the path
It began to rain
Between drops I became
the sweet smelling earth,
a darkening rock,
a purple flower,
vanilla and cinnamon pine,
a quivering aspen leaf
a shimmering blade of grass
the warm sunshine
And I lingered an eternity in the kiss just before.

— July 2010