Opening Prayer – December 2, 2018

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for all your beauty. It really shines this time of year. Thank you for providing a free place to worship without fear. Thank you for an abundance that comes from your overflowing love.

There was a time when I relished the buildup toward Christmas. With all the holiday lights, Christmas songs. snowflakes. I looked forward to time with family. I still look forward to these things but it seems to come all in a rush. I have to shoehorn time with you. You are the greatest gift to us. A sign of great love. Help prepare our hearts for Christmas this season with your holy spirit. Let it wrap us like a blanket. Bring us closer together and more importantly bring us closer to your son. You are the grace and strength; the food that fuels our day. Lead all people together this season. As you taught, help us welcome the foreigners among us. You are the light of the world and can dispel all darkness. I ask us to take a moment now to center our hearts and minds on You, on your good news and on the teaching today.


Prayer – December 30, 2018

Gracious, loving God,
Every day, there is no question of your abounding love. It surrounds us in the beauty of the season, the sunrise, the dark night skies and the friends around us. Let your love overflow through all parts of our lives. We pray for healing for Lisa, Steve, Betty, Dick and Gary. And bless this offering today. I pray you put in our hearts a constant reminder of the grace you shower upon us; that we open our minds to ways we can help each other and the community. That we give and glorify You unceasingly this week. 
We pray this in your name,

Closing Prayer – January 27, 2019

From something I read this week…

become totally attentive to God…. Allow that mountain, that tree, allow God to absorb you completely. Give attention, passionately, intensely, look and listen completely.

Gracious God,
We love You. Fill us up, completely Lord. Make us overflow, a love overflowing. Give us wisdom in our meeting. May Your will be done. I pray that we stop despairing. Through Jesus, Youve made us perfect. There’s good news everywhere. Strain ahead. May we offer you praise in all we do. I pray we go out into the world this week glorifying You in all things. 

Prayer – January 27, 2019

Creator God,
You are here. Thank you for your bountiful provision; for providing a safe place to gather and worship; for bringing together your church. I need to leave behind the tumultuous week. I need to leave the world and rest in your love, free of burdens and worry. For a moment, today, I pray we can release the shackles of the everyday and revel in your glory. You know our hearts. Calm our minds for you sent Your son to walk with us, to teach us and to die for us to free us. Thank you for Your grace. Renew our spirits, recenter us to your love through song and story and remind us that we have a place with you forever.