Father’s Day 2014

You are the son of a kind, strong and engaging father. I strive to be that, everything you want and need. But I’m talking about something a little more here. You have a father that is wise beyond imagination, willing to guide you along your path and in the Way. He’s perfectly generous, providing for each need as it arises, allowing you to live your life without a care if you choose. I would walk every step with you and He walks with me. He is the breeze and the song of the morning; he stirs the grass, builds the clouds from nothingness, twinkles the stars, and dabbles in the colors of the rainbow. He created a Universe of splendor and he gazes in wonder, as I do, at his creation, namely you.

We see all of the past and future in you. We delight in your wet footsteps along the river, your desires and discoveries. We cry with all your pains and joys. We create just for you. We swell with pride as you grow and stumble and begin to know yourself.

It is hard to see it in the bustle of every day but I hear it in every earthly wisdom. I feel that love as a constant current in my life, an undertow that I must flow with or become lost. It seems a jumble at first, something too abstract to believe. But watch quietly. Be open. Seek it with all your heart and mind. In stillness it roars.

I pray you feel it, know it, and believe it, every moment; know it when you awake and trust in it while you sleep.

I am always with you as He is always with me. You move us and we are hopelessly in love with you.