What is this? said the child holding a blade of grass. It’s grass to cushion your fall and tickle your toes. One day I will roll in it, the child said.

What is this? said the child holding a leaf. It is the leaf of a tree to shade us and sing a noisy song with the wind. Trees also give birds a place to see far away. Someday I will climb it.

What is this? It is a rock that anchors the world and makes the mountains. Someday I will climb higher than the trees.

What is this? said the child as the rain began to fall. They are raindrops to help water the trees and grass. It gathers in lakes and rivers that flow to the sea. Someday I will float down the river.

Where does the rain come from? asked the child. From the clouds. They bring rain and provide a place for angels to stand. Someday I will fly between them.

What is that? asked the child. It’s a rainbow. Water and sun play together and signal that the rain is gone. It is a reminder that God loves you. Someday I will find the end of it.

What are those sounds? They are frogs and crickets singing the song of the night.

And that? The owl wouldn’t want us to forget he flies in the night. And that? Even wolves far away like to sing us to sleep. Someday I will sing with them.

What is that? The ocean. It blankets the earth and makes a home for whales and fish. Someday I will swim with the whales.

What is that? The bright moon is our friend in the night, lighting the dark path and glimmers off of the dew in the grass where the fireflies play. Someday I will be a firefly to the moon.

What are those? The jewels in the sky are the stars. They are faraway suns. There are as many stars as there is sand on the beach. Some believe they are the spirits of those who have gone. Someday I will fly among the stars.

August 2000