Every airport has a pattern; a way of entering the area to land on a certain runway. And when the airport becomes busy, everything works well. Sometimes for me, routines like this help bring intense times of heightened awareness or flow. It’s something I have to cultivate. I have to be ready.

What routines do you have in place today to encourage flow? Are you ready?

This has become a series caller Planetrails. This pic is a timelapse of the air traffic over Denver November 5, 2020.


I’ve been taking a series of photos I call “Planetrails.” Sometimes over DIA, the patterns are apparent. I got to wondering how the patterns in my life really get me in flow sometimes. And I wondered if instead of disruption to create flow whether flow is an offshoot of a working pattern. I’m not in favor of doing something the same way over and over expecting a different outcome. I was more thinking of using my workflow in more intense ways to achieve flow. Can I take what I know and make it better. This goes back to a thought I have often while coding where I spend time looking for answers and clues in Google when I have the skills myself to get it done. It’s a matter of confidence and shirking the “imposter syndrome.”
#impostersyndrome #mindfulness #flow