Creator God, Lord of Earth and Heaven,
I keep wanting to ask you to do things for me. To go here and there to help those in need. Help me listen to you in everything I do. Help me walk with you and live as you, noticing the suffering. Help me comfort. Guide my hands and heart to assist you in your will all to your glory. Thank you for your forgiving nature as we stumble along.
Thank you for the moisture and the beauty you surround us with in this season.
We hold up in prayer all those in need after hurricanes Harvey and Irma and the wildfires across the West. We pray your grace with those suffering in our midst. And bless the tireless work of the pastoral search committee. We join you in praise for the new lights that have entered our house. And bless and use our offerings according to your purpose. You are awesome, boundless and infinite. We love you so.